38. Wear a Pro Jersey that Says Something about YOU

namath1When you put any athlete’s  jersey on, you are associating yourself with everything that particular athlete has done or stood for.  It’s vital to choose the right one.

First of all:  If you rock a Kobe Bryant, Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi jersey it means you know nothing about the sport and are simply wearing what is popular.  The opposite of cool.

If you’re German, wear the  Dirk Nowitzki, Deutchland #12.  If you’re a bit of a hot-head, wear the Ron Artest, Indiana Pacers #91.  If you think rules are meant to be broken, wear a Barry Bonds, San Francisco Giants #25.

 (Above Photo:   Namath #12 NY Jets jersey:  Joe Namath was famous for two great quotes.  1. He guaranteed victory in Super Bowl III, and 2. He drunkenly said “I want to kiss you” to a woman interviewing him during a live game telecast.  Confident and loose with women.  By wearing Namath’s jersey, the guy in this photo is saying he possess both of those qualities.  He probably does.)

2 Responses to “38. Wear a Pro Jersey that Says Something about YOU”

  1. Last year my wife gave me an AS Roma replica away jersey with #8 Aquilani. He’s awesome and was poised for a breakout year. He spent almost the whole season injured.

    But he was born and raised in Rome like Totti and De Rossi, so he bleeds red and yellow, he’d never leave.

    Until he was traded to Liverpool last week.

    On the plus side I just read a quote that even though he’s happy to be in Liverpool, he’ll always be “un tifoso [fan] della Roma.” So at least we have that in common.

  2. Hey, people who wear Michael Jordan know nothing about the sport! I like Kobe personally and I know a lot about basketball! Some just wear Jordan shoes, jerseys, snapbacks, you know what I mean. It’s annoying!

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