40. Ski in Jeans

2488295083_25acfda5ecThe problem with wearing jeans in the snow is that  if they get wet, they will become soggy and heavy and cold.

There are two types of skiers in the world:  those who fall and those who cruise.  By wearing your jeans when you ski you are effectively declaring to the mountain that you are a skier who cruises.

Skiing in jeans is one of those few times when it’s also cool to have a cigarette dangling out of your mouth.

3 Responses to “40. Ski in Jeans”

  1. i disagree with this one totally. there are definitely more than two types of skiers but i’ll say that people who wear jeans are “safe” skiers who cruise. there’s no shame in falling, especially if you’re pushing the envelope to improve. chances are if you are jumping off a bigger cliff into deeper powder than you ever have before, you’re gonna wish you hadn’t worn those jeans. also, i think skiing in jeans makes you look like a hillbilly.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    jeans are for gapers.

  3. strandmode…

    […]40. Ski in Jeans « How You Can Be Cool[…]…

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