43. Be the Bar-B-KING

EH-barbecuingThe grill-master is easily the coolest guy in the backyard.  The barbecue is what brings the party together and he who man’s it is it’s nucleus .

Even if all the cutting and marinating have been done by someone else, the Bar-B-King is given all the credit for making food delicious.

Take advice from no one.  Always give the impression that you know exactly what you’re doing.  The trick is to  make people believe that working the spit is a job of such complex delicacy that only a chosen one can complete it.  The Messiah of the Meat

Remember, he who controls the fire, controls the food.  He who controls the food, controls the tribe.

One Response to “43. Be the Bar-B-KING”

  1. Last summer at a bbq dudes were all ripping open supermarket packages of meat items and dropping them straight on the grill. I brought beer-marinated mushrooms and teriyaki tofu & chicken, and IT BLEW THEIR FUCKING MINDS. Backswing and followthrough.

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