44. Create a Mighty Cannonball Splash

3789340737_e3ffd05436Remember when you were a kid and you were at your friend’s pool party and your friend’s older brother (who was in high-school) came home and practically emptied the pool with a seismic cannonball?  Yeah….that kid’s older brother was cool.

The perfect cannonball should hurt a little.  You should go momentarily deaf as the water vacuums back against the sides of your head, effectively boxing your ears.  Your sinuses should sting as you swallow chlorinated water through your nose.  You should become briefly disoriented at the bottom of the pool.

But, if you’ve performed this cannonball correctly, everyone sitting within at least 3 meters of the pool’s edge should get wet.  Sure, some of the tanners might complain for a moment or two, but you tell them, “Hey, that’s just my way of letting you know it’s time to turn over.  You’re looking kinda red.”

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