45. Befriend a Homless Guy

mariah-homelessThis means that you know their first name and you’ve listened to their story at least once.  If they’re selling something (ie. books, wood carvings, poems) you buy one of their goods a minimum of once a month, and if they’re not, you give them a little bit of money instead.  It’s the decent human thing to do.

Remember, one indicator of cool is being friends with a wide variety of people.  A command of a range of social situations.

The next time you’re walking down the street with your friends and you see your guy you say, “Hey, what’s going on Randy?  How’s your leg?  Here’s a couple bucks.”  You’ll feel kinda good, you’ll be doing your civic duty and your friends will suddenly see you as a Champion for the Unfortunate who’s so popular that they’re on a first name basis with everyone in their neighborhood.  It’s win, win, win.

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