58. Grow a Novelty Moustache

9325_151277685742_510730742_4041224_4177536_nEvery man wishes they had a novelty moustache, if only for a brief moment.  They are hilarious and cool.

The problem is, for a variety of reasons, not every man is allowed to wear one.  Maybe they work in a conservative accounting firm.  Maybe their girlfriend thinks it’s gross.  The point is, their upper lip is incarcerated and they look upon a man of moustached freedom with envy and admiration.

If you are a free man, you owe it to your victimized brothers to rock your moustache boldly and allow them to taste freedom vicariously through your whiskers.

Remember: you are doing your fellow man a service.  You are a hero.  Grab hold of those handlebars and hang on, it’s one hell of a good ride.

2 Responses to “58. Grow a Novelty Moustache”

  1. Rob Fougner Says:

    The loser on the right is not cool, he is in clear violation of rule #46!

  2. Good point, #46. Do not take your shirt off in the Club. It’s almost worse then a simple violation because a man with a novelty moustache should know better.

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