59. Solve a Mystery

scoobySherlock Holmes, Magnum and the Las Vegas CSI department have two things in common.  They are detectives and they are cool.

Everybody loves a sleuth, whether they’re cracking the code of the Devil’s Triangle or helping to find their  friend’s car keys.   In a world full of secrets, they  show us the answers.

We admire them because  a good detective is the perfect combination of science, faith and balls: they use cold hard logic, a keen mystical intuition and the recklessness of a rodeo clown.  Sweet.

All you need to do is follow the clues.

One Response to “59. Solve a Mystery”

  1. And if there are no clues? No problem.

    All good detectives just poke around looking for them. My favorite method is ‘The Hunch’.

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