62. Make the Perfect Halloween Costume

SudokuThesis Statement:  Costumes should be both CREATIVE and RECOGNIZABLE.

There’s a lot of pressure each year in trying to come up with the right Halloween costume.  It’s usually last minute, you’d prefer not to have to buy anything, and it has to be awesome.  At the very least you have to out-do what you did the year before.

Last Halloween, I crushed it.  My Sudoku costume took about an hour to make, cost $5 in materials and literally “took names” as it “kicked ass”.  As people did the puzzle throughout the evening they left their signature giving me a hilarious signed postcard of the night.

Two Halloweens ago, I failed.  My buddy went as Ali G and I went as a Red Herring.  That’s right, I went as a “literary device used in mystery stories to fool the reader and build suspense”.  Throughout the night his costume was easily understood and made people happy.  My costume did the exact opposite.

Conclusion:  Trying to be too clever is selfish.  If people are forced to think when they are binge drinking they will resent you.  Costumes should be graded on how easily they open up conversations with strangers.  That is their function.  Let them do their job.  It makes partying with weirdos in masks way easier.

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