65. Survive Swine Flu

how-people-get-swine-fluThese days, nothing’s more terrifying than getting Swine Flu and nothing’s more badass than having gone through it.

Guy 1: “You had H1N1?  What was it like?”

Guy 2: “It was the worst I’ve ever felt.  My joints ached, my eyeballs throbbed, my teeth felt like screwdrivers being twisted up into my gums.  I think it might have even bruised my soul!”

Guy 1: “And now you’re better and you’re immune?”

Guy 2: “That’s right!”

Guy1: “So that means you don’t have to hold your breath on the bus or turn doorknobs with the sleeve of your coat anymore?  That must be so cool”

Guy 2: “It is.”

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