67. Catch a Fish

DSCF0023_thumbMake no mistake, fishing is not easy.  It requires patience, timing and charisma.  It’s not enough to just know the “hotspots”.  Your lure has to be shinier, sexier and downright cooler than everything else down there, otherwise the fish just won’t be interested.

If you’re the only one on your boat to pull one in, all the better.  Your fishing mate will ask you how you did it.  Tell them that, “The ability to catch a fish is intangible.  It exists somewhere out there in the ether.  It’s something you’re born with.  You may as well be asking me to teach you how to have blue eyes”.

Also, catching a fish rules because it reminds nature of our dominance over her.  There are more human attacks on sharks every year then there are shark attacks on humans.  It’s just a little payback for all the hurricanes and wildfires that nature puts us through.

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