70. Secretly Order Pizza for Everyone

Picture this:  You’re at a party.  The doorbell rings.  The host goes to answer it and comes back with a confused look on their face, “The delivery guy’s out front, did somebody order pizza?”  As you get up you casually declare, “Yeah, I did.  I thought we might all be hungry.”  So awesome.

Free pizza has an almost indescribable allure.  As human beings we are powerless to resist grabbing a slice.  There is no way to match that divine moment of anticipation when the lid is propped open and the delicious cheesy/tomatoey aroma first wafts into the air.  Your gift to the party.

A meal and unlimited cool, all for just $15 + tip.

9 Responses to “70. Secretly Order Pizza for Everyone”

  1. Marci Lambert Says:

    Yes, that is such a cool idea….everyone loves pizza, just no anchovies please!

    • I have been dying to see this session! I am not a fan of mtirenaty photography, but if they all looked like this session I would be its biggest fan! These are so classic and beautiful and so far from the cliche mtirenaty we see everywhere! You are amazing, my friend! And she is gorgeous!!!

    • Ο/Η dimitris λέει:oxi re sy kaetbalas pws to ennow to prosopo. alla kyriws bgainei karta me thn fwnh k thn to spiti kathoti fainetai arketa k yparxei k kapoio antikeimeno sto video poy prodidei thn taytothta ths kanonikotata ( na mhn epektathw ) pantws se eyxaristw gia thn grhgorh antidrash (ton swsame ton theio apo kana egkefaliko ) k xairomai poy isxyei to moto oti apla me ena report sebesai k den xreiazetai tipote allo! always a fan!

    • မမေရ…ပံုေလးေတြတင္ၾကည္႔ရေပမဲ႔ အရမ္းကုိေကာင္းပါတယ္…အရမ္းလဲလွတယ္..ရုိက္ခ်က္ေတြလဲ ေကာင္းတယ္..ေမမုိးေျပာသလိုကင္မရာကလဲ သိပ္ေကာင္းပံုရတယ္…ပံုေလးေတြကုိၾကည္႔ျပီး အရမ္းသြားခ်င္လိုက္တာမရယ္..မုိးနတ္လဲသြားမယ္..သြားမယ္နဲ႔ကို တခါမွမေရာက္လုိ႔ဒီႏွစ္ေတာ႔ သြားျဖစ္ေအာင္ကိုသြားမယ္လုိ႔ ဆံုးျဖတ္ထားတယ္…ျပင္ဦးလြင္မွာ အျမဲေနခ်င္တာမုိးနတ္ရဲ႕ ဆႏၵပါ..ခု မမရဲ႕ပံုေလးေတြကုိ ၾကည္႔ျပီးအလည္အရမ္းသြားခ်င္ေနတယ္ေလ…:)ခ်စ္တဲ႔….မုိးနတ္

    • All of these articles have saved me a lot of hesaechad.

    • I’ve been looking for a post like this for an age

  2. //show me a good that perfect movie’ .. then i go with you..//I also feel the movie is good. But the acntig in his movies are like Selvaraghavan movie acntig. Kinda artificial

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