71. Have a Scar

Scars are awesome because they give you crazy amounts of character.  They’re not necessarily pretty, but since when has being beautiful ever had anything to do with being cool?

Every scar is shrouded in mystery.  When we see one, our minds beg to know, “how did that happen”?  The answer could be hilarious, tragic, or anything in between, but only the bearer of the scar knows the truth.

I have a scar on my shoulder from a motor boat propeller that I got while snorkeling in Thailand.  It’s one of the most hardcore stories I have and whenever someone notices my scar, I get to tell it.

It is a completely unique way of physically remembering a significant moment in your life.   It perfectly decorates your skin and no two are exactly alike.  The scar has truly earned the title of nature’s tattoo.

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