75. Have a Man Cave

A man cave should be a sanctuary into which any man can retreat with his friends and escape the harsh realities of the world.  Like in a Las Vegas Casino, time will cease to exist and guests  won’t ever want to leave.

A good man cave should have as many of the following as possible:  an enormous flat screen HD T.V., video game system, plush sofas, a dart board, a fully stocked bar, a pool table, a computer, a hot tub, sports memorabilia, some miscellaneous free weights lying around, some musical instruments, a cool wall display of mint condition vintage Nikes and a stripper pole.

The female version of a man cave is called a lady lounge. It should have a deep bath tub, lot’s of big pillows, wine and champagne on ice, chocolate, crackers and brie, a walk-in closet full of fashionable “dress-up” things, at least one enormous floor to ceiling mirror and one of those huge chairs from the airport that gives you a massage……..and a stripper pole.

One Response to “75. Have a Man Cave”

  1. Some more sweet Man Caves. http://www.oddee.com/item_97008.aspx I gotta get me one.

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