80. Point at your “Junk” when you go through the Full-Body Scanner at the Airport

The next level of security is about to hit Canadian airports and word is these full-body scanners leave nothing to the imagination.

Putting aside the moral debate of whether or not some random security guard has the right to see every man, woman and child who walks through their check-point completely nude, it’s important to realize that when going through the scanner you should point towards your crotch for these three reasons:

1)  This has gotta be uncomfortable for the guard as well.  By “pointing out” the awkwardness of the situation you are making everyone just a little bit less tense.

2)  It’s a friendly reminder of how sterile these x-ray machines are surely making you.

3) The guard can see everything.  Might as well flaunt it.

P.S.:  Supposedly, if you feel this is too invasive, you can choose to get a “pat down” instead.  I think you should get to do both.  Isn’t that the usual order of things?  See someone naked, then feel them up.

One Response to “80. Point at your “Junk” when you go through the Full-Body Scanner at the Airport”

  1. I think this will work also with metal detectors. I always hold my arms up like ‘I’m innocent’.

    But now I think sometimes I’ll point at my junk like ‘Check out deez nuts’. Just to mix it up a little.

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