84. Make a Paper Airplane that Soars!

Understand this:  I’m not knocking origami.  Beautifully crafted miniature animals created out of fine decorative paper.  Pretty little things for your coffee table or bookshelf.  An incredible display of form.

If you’re looking for the true triumph of both form and function, however, nothing beats the paper airplane!  With it’s graceful flight and streamlined design, a well made “Foolscap Flyer” is a marvel to behold.

It defies all logic.  A sheet of paper simply should not be able fly like that, and yet, with enough practice and just the precise number of folds, your plane can make a mockery of this petty thing called gravity.  After witnessing it dare to soar to such fantastic heights, your friends will all clamor, “Hey, let me have a try?!”

And remember, before there was e-mail, MSN, texting, facebook, or twitter, the only way you could get a message to your friend across the classroom was with a well thrown paper airplane.

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