85. Throw a Party that has a “Second Wave”

Consider this from the perspective of a guest: you’ve had a great time,  some great conversations, met some cool new people, but now you’re starting to feel a bit tired and you’re thinking of going home.  As you go to grab your jacket there is a knock on the door and a whole new group of people arrives.  This new group is fun, energetic and looking to rip it up.

Then another group arrives, and another.  Maybe you have some friends amidst this second wave, maybe you don’t, but before you realize it it’s three hours later and you’re far drunker then you had planned on getting tonight.

Conclusion:  Best party you’ve been to in months and, of course, the success of the party is reflected upon it’s host.  The only problem now is that your hoarse throat and slurred words make it difficult to communicate with the taxi driver.

2 Responses to “85. Throw a Party that has a “Second Wave””

  1. Second wave parties are known for producing some of the best late night/ early morning adventures!! Border hoping… Mushroom trips… Bike adventures…. Klepto heaven… Leftover booze mixed with everything… And my personal favorite from this summer convincing second wavers to eat fear factor esq foods ( massive slug) has stood out in my memory for a while

  2. Second wave parties also provide the best forum to brainsttorm third wave parties!! Or fantastic shenanigans for the next day!

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