86. Trash Talk your Friends

The whole point of talking trash with your friends is to make life more fun and, we can all agree, those who make life more fun are invariably cool.  Here’s how it works:

Whenever you find yourself in a genial competitive situation with one of your chums, start jawin’.  What you’re effectively doing is raising the stakes of the situation making it more important for both parties involved.  It’s friendly gambling.  Your currency is pride.  When both of you have a vested interest in the outcome, the glory for the winner is that much sweeter and bitterness of defeat is that much less palatable.

Here’s the key:  You have to lose half the time.  Your friends will get enormous pleasure out of making you eat your words and you’ll smile to yourself, knowing you orchestrated the whole thing, giving them this shinning moment of triumph and turning your friendship into a thrilling, edge of your seat dual that stokes your respective competitive spirits while teaching you both valuable lessons in sportsmanship and humility.

Yo Mama!

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