88. Never Stand in Lineups

Lining up sucks.  You never see movie stars or pro athletes do it, so why should you?  If you can’t skip the line or stick to the 5 Minute Rule, go somewhere else.

But what happens if there’s a lineup outside a club and there’s an awesome band inside that you want to see?  Well, then you have to make a difficult choice.  Just know that when you stand in line in front of a club, you become a living, breathing advertisement for that club.  The club is, in effect, stealing your cool and masquerading it as it’s own.  If you’re ok with that transaction, so be it, but at the very least, you need to know that that’s what’s happening.

If you choose to walk away, however, you can do so proudly by remembering that Standing in a lineup is a waste of time and cool people don’t have time to waste.

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