89. Catch some Big Air when you Jump

Whether it’s snowboarding, bungee jumping, pole vaulting, or just bouncing on a trampoline, catching big air when you jump is a sure-fire way to impress your friends and make you look cool.

There has always been direct relation between how much height you can get and  how cool you are.  Michael Jordan revolutionized basketball, not because of his competitiveness or his ability to make the players around him better, but because he was one of the first to play the game above the rim.  He brought extreme style to extreme jumping.

For thousands of years, man has longed to soar freely through the air but has been clumsily bound to the ground by the shackles of flightlessness.  Those who are able to break free of these shackles, if only for a moment, are the one’s we truly admire.

Ask any lady what she would rather do on a date: go to some cave underground or soar around the city by air?  It is for this reason that Superman will always have better game then Batman.  You see, it’s not about having the hot car.  It’s about being able to fly.

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