92. Throw Up a Genuine High-5

A “Genuine High-5” should be completely spontaneous.  It should explode!  One only occurs when both participants are so overcome by the emotion of the moment that they have no recourse but to allow their arms and hands to erupt in a glorious collision of celebration. Your palm should sting a little.

There is no aiming, no watching the other person’s elbow.  If there is even the slightest hesitation the High-5 will feel forced, awkward and sad, like the participation ribbon at an elementary school Sports Day.

They are extremely rare, but oh so cool.  You’ve probably only been involved in, at best, 5 or 6 GH5’s in your whole life.  A Genuine High-5 only occurs when the conditions are absolutely right, when there is a perfect storm of passion, luck, accomplishment and euphoria.  Beautiful and awesome at the same time.  Like seeing the Aurora Borealis from the cockpit of a Russian MIG fighter jet.

2 Responses to “92. Throw Up a Genuine High-5”

  1. did you get that pic of tom cruise from your archives

    • If by “archives” you mean that 3 foot stack of Tiger Beat magazines I have on my living room floor then, yeah, I got it from my archives.

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