96. Have a Fully Stocked Home Bar

Having a fully stocked  home bar is indicative of several cool personal attributes:  #1. the foresight to know what guests might want   #2. the patience to amass a full collection of bottles  #3. the organizational ability to find an out-of-the-way place to store everything and  #4. the self-control not to drink it all yourself.

So, what do you need to include?  Your basic bar should have a bottle of bourbon, gin, rum (light and dark), tequila, scotch, vodka, Grand Marnier, champagne, wine (red and white) and vermouth.  You’ll also need some tools (corkscrews, etc), glasses, and snacks.  Some coasters with miscellaneous trivia or jokes written on the back would also be a nice touch.

“Hey, can I get you a drink?  What would you like?”

“What do you have?”


“Sweet!  I’ll take one of each, then.”

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