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106. Hook your Friends Up with a Sweet Summer Job

Posted in skills on April 30, 2010 by Allen

Granted, this is counter to #31 on this list of ways to be cool, but, hooking your friends up with a sweet summer job is pretty awesome.  Especially if you all get to work together.

What could that be, you wonder?  I picture working as the Marshall at a really shi-shi, prestigious golf course (you’d get to yell a rich guys to replace their divots).  You then hook up jobs for three of your buddies.  You’d get one of on grounds crew, one working in the pro-shop and another one as bartender.  Everybody gets free swag and unlimited golfing after 3pm. Your bartender buddy brings the booze, pro-shop friend hooks everyone up with top of the line clubs and your grounds crew buddy fixes any massive tire marks you leave on the greens when you all race your carts.

Everybody makes $50 an hour, work doesn’t start until 10 am  and you can all cover for each other if one of you needs to ditch work on a given day.  This will be the kind of summer you will tell your grandkids about.

105. Finish School for the Year

Posted in stuff on April 27, 2010 by Allen

There is a beautiful sense of relief and accomplishment whenever you finish a long-term project, but few projects carry with it the same feeling of freedom and opportunity as finishing school.  Be it University, high-school or swimming lessons, that last day of class is super sweet.  You now carry with you the knowledge and power that your hard work has earned you and you move straight in to relaxin’ mode.

In my second year at University I finished all my exams a week and a half before everyone else but still hung out on campus soaking up the good life.  Those ten days or so of freedom before I had to move back home and get a summer job for May were some pretty cool days.  Nowhere to be with all the time in the world to get there.  So good.

More Cool “Trompe d’Oeils”

Posted in sweet videos on April 25, 2010 by Allen

Just a couple of cool optical illusion videos that have been circulating the internet.

Remember those Magic Eye pictures they used to have in the mall?  Whatever happened to those?  Did they fade out because they were too much work and gave you headaches for the rest of the day?

104. Have an Awesome Business Card

Posted in stuff, sweet videos on April 21, 2010 by Allen

This is a card for a Separation Lawyer

No matter what you do, your business card needs to be rad.  Maybe it’s an odd shape or color.  Maybe there’s some kind of joke written on the back.  Whatever.  Your card is an extension of who you are and therefore it’s coolness should reflect your coolness.

The next business card I get, I’m going to design in the style of a baseball card.  It’ll be the size of a baseball card (obviously), and I’ll have my resume mapped out like baseball stats on the back.  On the front I’ll have my name, position, and photo (in uniform) swinging a bat or something.  I’ll be wearing tight pants and stirrup socks, circa 1988.

If you live in Vancouver, Canada, don’t steal this idea.  If you live anywhere else, it’s yours.

What do you do guaranteed?

103. Blow Smoke Rings

Posted in skills on April 18, 2010 by Allen

Smoking, in and of itself, is pretty gross.  It’s addictive, expensive and smelly.  If it doesn’t eventually kill you, the guilt of knowing that it’s supposed to likely will.  If you are going to smoke, however, being able to blow smoke rings is awesome!

You’re basically doing magic tricks with your lips.  The key here is to be casual about it.  Just spit out a smokey “O” and let the your onlookers coo in delight and approval.  Be the Dragon!  Awe those villagers with your mighty fire mouth!

Cool Jumps you can make on a Big Wheel (you probably shouldn’t try it though)

Posted in sweet videos on April 14, 2010 by Allen

You know this guy’s a professional because he’s wearing a suit.

Sent to me by my man Millar at London Mewsings.  He’s got a pretty cool short film inspired by old 8 bit videogames up right now on his site.  It’s kinda awesome, you should check it out.

102. Predict the Future

Posted in skills on April 11, 2010 by Allen

Anytime you can accurately predict something that’s going to happen is pretty cool.  This can range from precisely forecasting the final score of the game before it’s over, to naming the next hottest trend in music, to correctly calling out who’s on the other end of the line when your phone rings.  You’re basically bending the rules of space and time.

The real key here, obviously, is that you need to have someone around to hear you make your prediction.  The Oracle at Delphi would have just been some old lady raving in a drugged out trance were it not for the fact that a bunch of priests were there lapping up her every word.  The more confidently you call your shot, the more impressed your friends will be and the cooler you’ll appear.  It’s like calling “Off the car, backboard, swish” during a game of H.O.R.S.E.

101. A Money Clip

Posted in stuff on April 8, 2010 by Allen

Having money has nothing to do with being cool.  They way you dress your money up, however, can be.

The money clip is one of the best ways you can accessorize your cash.  The beautiful irony is that by using one you are essentially saving money by not having to buy a wallet, thus having more money to fill your clip.

A good money clip does for geenbacks what a flask does for booze; it gives it a hardcore cool.  It’s breezy, light and efficient.  It’s the baller way of saying, “Keep the change”.

The How You Can Be Cool “First 100 Ways” Refrigerator Checklist

Posted in stuff on April 5, 2010 by Allen

In honor of the 100th way to be cool, a checklist has been compiled for your fridge.

Take, say, 3 months.  See how many you can check off.  You’ll need to read the post for a few of them (ie. Litter with Respect), just to make sure you’re doing them right, but others, like Flip-Flops, All the Time, are pretty self-explanatory.

Download your How You Can Be Cool First 100 Ways Refrigerator checklist here.

100. Dis a Bully

Posted in statements on April 2, 2010 by Allen

Bullies suck.  Dissin’ em is awesome.  There are few things cooler then coming up with the perfect comeback at the perfect time.  What could be more satisfying then knocking a bully right off their high-horse and then watching them get all tangled up in their stirrups on the way down?

One of the coolest things you can do is to dis a bully when they’re bullying somebody else.  Imagine you see the manager at your local coffee shop yelling at one of his baristas while you wait.  Your response: “Easy there, Dad.  What, did your daughter break curfew again?”,  or, “OK Gandalf, we get it, We Shall Not Pass!”

Take That Bullies!!

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