104. Have an Awesome Business Card

This is a card for a Separation Lawyer

No matter what you do, your business card needs to be rad.  Maybe it’s an odd shape or color.  Maybe there’s some kind of joke written on the back.  Whatever.  Your card is an extension of who you are and therefore it’s coolness should reflect your coolness.

The next business card I get, I’m going to design in the style of a baseball card.  It’ll be the size of a baseball card (obviously), and I’ll have my resume mapped out like baseball stats on the back.  On the front I’ll have my name, position, and photo (in uniform) swinging a bat or something.  I’ll be wearing tight pants and stirrup socks, circa 1988.

If you live in Vancouver, Canada, don’t steal this idea.  If you live anywhere else, it’s yours.

What do you do guaranteed?

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