106. Hook your Friends Up with a Sweet Summer Job

Granted, this is counter to #31 on this list of ways to be cool, but, hooking your friends up with a sweet summer job is pretty awesome.  Especially if you all get to work together.

What could that be, you wonder?  I picture working as the Marshall at a really shi-shi, prestigious golf course (you’d get to yell a rich guys to replace their divots).  You then hook up jobs for three of your buddies.  You’d get one of on grounds crew, one working in the pro-shop and another one as bartender.  Everybody gets free swag and unlimited golfing after 3pm. Your bartender buddy brings the booze, pro-shop friend hooks everyone up with top of the line clubs and your grounds crew buddy fixes any massive tire marks you leave on the greens when you all race your carts.

Everybody makes $50 an hour, work doesn’t start until 10 am  and you can all cover for each other if one of you needs to ditch work on a given day.  This will be the kind of summer you will tell your grandkids about.

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