114. Find the Perfect Place to Watch the Game

With so many awesome sporting events already this year, the pressure to find the perfect viewing location has never been higher.

Unfortunately, to do this properly, you really need to plan.   The last thing you want is to be anxiously searching 5 minutes before the game, praying there will be space.

So what will this perfect spot look like?  There will be at least one large, flat screen Hd TV.  There will be an ample variety of food and drink which can be obtained within minutes of your arrival, comfortable seating, all arranged facing the television, treating it like the idol that it is, and, most importantly, there will be a critical mass of people in the room (at least 15 in a bar setting), all fiercely engrossed in the game, so as to leave no doubt that this place is a place of sport.

And what if the waitress tries to keep the music on in the bar because, “The manager doesn’t want to disturb the other patrons who aren’t watching”?  Well, you simply need to tell her that, “Catching the game is one of the most sacred communal events our culture still has,” and then ask,”Why do you hate your community so much?”  But of course, if this kind of nonsense is going down, you really shouldn’t have chosen this place to begin with.

2 Responses to “114. Find the Perfect Place to Watch the Game”

  1. How is 2nd row at the Holland vs. Denmark game for a spot?

  2. Next level awesome!

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