115. Do things “One-Handed”

At the very core of this exhibition of awesomeness is dexterity.  The more casual you can be about it all, however, the cooler you’ll appear.  Like most things in life, the less attention you draw to it, the more amazing it will be.  Let your friends be all, “Whoa, did you just flip that pancake with one hand!?”, to which you respond, “Uh, yeah, I guess.  That’s how I always do it.”

Shuffling a deck of cards, peeling an orange, catching an impossible over-the-shoulder touchdown, these are all simple activities, made cooler, when done one-handed.  Look, cool people are so busy doing cool things that they simply don’t have time to use both hands.

2 Responses to “115. Do things “One-Handed””

  1. Bonus marks for every thing you can do one-handed with your non-dominant hand.

  2. legit advice

    one-handed is the way to go

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