120. Have a Dog

Dogs are so sweet.  Loyalty, security and playfulness, all wrapped up in a slobbering bag of fur.

The benefits of owning a dog are countless.  They’re an easy way to meet people, they prove that you can tend to living things, and they take care of any food you spill on the ground.

Small dogs can be cute but big dogs are the raddest.  The general rule of thumb is: The bigger the poop, the cooler the dog.

My cousin and her boyfriend rescued a mangy dog on the beach in Mexico.  He had a limp and only responded to Spanish commands.  They decided to keep him.  Whilst driving back into the States, my cousin’s boyfriend was denied entry (he’s Australian with an Irish passport and a big black beard.  I wouldn’t turn my back on him either) but the dog was fine.  Why?  Because dogs are awesome, that’s why!

One Response to “120. Have a Dog”

  1. it’s only of the dog is cool

    if your dog is a douchebag it’s not so cool

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