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126. Save a Falling Drink

Posted in skills on August 26, 2010 by Allen

Let’s break this down moment by moment.

You’re at a party chatting with a group of people.  Suddenly, while trying to emphasize a point in the story they’re telling, your drunk friend makes an exaggerated hand gesture and knocks the drink out of someone else’s hand!

Because you are constantly in a cat-like state of readiness, you see this happen even before it happens.  You lunge.  Everything is in slow motion.  You are acting on pure instinct.  You can see the matrix.

Just before the drink hits the floor, you catch it!  Didn’t even spill a drop.

You return the drink to Ol’ Butterfingers’ hand and casually whisper, “The first one’s free.”

125. Have a Mighty “Break” in Pool

Posted in sports on August 21, 2010 by Allen

Pool is easily one of the coolest games around.  The best players are called “sharks”, if a shot’s too difficult you can use a “ladies aid” and, if your opponent screws up, you get to go “ball-in-hand”.

The problem with pool, as with most games of skill, is that it takes years to master.  Who’s got that kind of time?  Fortunately, all you really need to do is to perfect one single skill.  All you need is a mighty break!

The thunderous CRACK of the cue ball will draw the attention of the entire bar.   The balls madly dispersing around the table top, like scattering cockroaches on a kitchen floor when the light goes on, will mesmerize the onlookers.  The dull thud of ball after ball falling into pocket after pocket and the eruption of applause that will inevitably follow all serve to make the break the single most important shot of the game.

It’s all about intimidation.  It doesn’t really matter how you play after this moment.  Once you’ve gotten into your opponent’s head with the ball explosion of a mighty break, you’ve already won.  You are now the Great White, and you smell blood in the water.

124. Toss Out some Sweet Sports Bar Trivia

Posted in statements on August 15, 2010 by Allen

There’s nothing quite as gratifying as stumping your friends with a clever sports trivia question.  You can almost hear the hamster wheel in their heads groaning under the strain of thought as they stare off into space, almost willing the answers to come to them.

As satisfying as the initial question is, however, the truly thrilling moment is when your friends finally get the answer and explode into a flurry of cheers, high-5’s and “Oh, how did I forget that?!”.  You then get to look them square in the eyes and proudly say, “Well done! I knew you’d get there eventually”.

For your consideration, here are two great sports trivia questions to get you started:

1. There are currently nine teams out of the four major sports leagues (NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB) whose team name does not end in an “s”.  Who are they?  Answer is here.

2. There are six pairs of  currently active teams in the four major sports leagues who share the same team name (ie. Edmonton Oilers/Houston Oilers, but of course Houston Oilers are not currently active).  Who are they?  Answer is here.

It’s Cool to Keep Your Cool

Posted in sweet videos on August 11, 2010 by Allen

Sometimes the scariest movies are when nothing happens.

123. Discover the “Album of the Summer”

Posted in stuff on August 7, 2010 by Allen

We’re at the summer midpoint and by now everyone should have a pretty good playlist of bumpin’ summertime beats.  Having at least one kickass summer album is important because it sonically epitomizes the blissfulness of the season.  It is the Soundtrack to the Sunshine.

What makes this particularly cool is, if after you discover the album, that you share it with your friends.  The gift of music and good-times, a fine gift indeed.  There is no greater feeling then having your buddy roll up to your apartment on his bike, blasting the very music you gave him only the day before out of some crazy speaker contraption he’s set up on his handle bars.

P.S.: In my opinion, the Album of the Summer of 2010 is easily Mos Dub.  I have been playing this non-stop ever since finding it on the London Mewsings blog.  Music to strut to.

122. Learn Kung-Fu

Posted in skills on August 4, 2010 by Allen

Or any martial art for that matter.  Hell, even Tai Chi, when done right,  looks pretty damn cool. Especially with a snowfall of pink cherry blossoms in the background.

As always, you want to be kind of casual about this.  A clean backfist to kill an annoying mosquito or the occasional roundhouse to close the fridge is ideal.  Leaving your hook swords out when company comes over is a little tacky.

Now, I’m not saying that demonstrating the Plum Flower Fist is the best way to win an argument, but it sure would be nice to know that tool’s in your belt should you need to be more “convincing”.

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