123. Discover the “Album of the Summer”

We’re at the summer midpoint and by now everyone should have a pretty good playlist of bumpin’ summertime beats.  Having at least one kickass summer album is important because it sonically epitomizes the blissfulness of the season.  It is the Soundtrack to the Sunshine.

What makes this particularly cool is, if after you discover the album, that you share it with your friends.  The gift of music and good-times, a fine gift indeed.  There is no greater feeling then having your buddy roll up to your apartment on his bike, blasting the very music you gave him only the day before out of some crazy speaker contraption he’s set up on his handle bars.

P.S.: In my opinion, the Album of the Summer of 2010 is easily Mos Dub.  I have been playing this non-stop ever since finding it on the London Mewsings blog.  Music to strut to.

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