124. Toss Out some Sweet Sports Bar Trivia

There’s nothing quite as gratifying as stumping your friends with a clever sports trivia question.  You can almost hear the hamster wheel in their heads groaning under the strain of thought as they stare off into space, almost willing the answers to come to them.

As satisfying as the initial question is, however, the truly thrilling moment is when your friends finally get the answer and explode into a flurry of cheers, high-5’s and “Oh, how did I forget that?!”.  You then get to look them square in the eyes and proudly say, “Well done! I knew you’d get there eventually”.

For your consideration, here are two great sports trivia questions to get you started:

1. There are currently nine teams out of the four major sports leagues (NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB) whose team name does not end in an “s”.  Who are they?  Answer is here.

2. There are six pairs of  currently active teams in the four major sports leagues who share the same team name (ie. Edmonton Oilers/Houston Oilers, but of course Houston Oilers are not currently active).  Who are they?  Answer is here.

2 Responses to “124. Toss Out some Sweet Sports Bar Trivia”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    3. Name the 8 teams in the NWL (short-season single A). Bonus points for mascots.

    • 1. Salem-Keizer Volcanos
      2. Boise Hawks
      3. Eugene Emeralds
      4. Yakima Bears
      5. Spokane Chiefs
      6. Everett Aquasox
      7. Tri-City Dust Devils

      and the greatest of all….

      8. Vancouver Canadians

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