126. Save a Falling Drink

Let’s break this down moment by moment.

You’re at a party chatting with a group of people.  Suddenly, while trying to emphasize a point in the story they’re telling, your drunk friend makes an exaggerated hand gesture and knocks the drink out of someone else’s hand!

Because you are constantly in a cat-like state of readiness, you see this happen even before it happens.  You lunge.  Everything is in slow motion.  You are acting on pure instinct.  You can see the matrix.

Just before the drink hits the floor, you catch it!  Didn’t even spill a drop.

You return the drink to Ol’ Butterfingers’ hand and casually whisper, “The first one’s free.”

2 Responses to “126. Save a Falling Drink”

  1. Hey Allen,
    Great seeing you the other day at Nat Bailey, could totally spot you wherever you were because of your white hat!
    Love number 126 because I’m always at “catlike readiness”…NOT…so it gave me a good belly laugh. Would love to come see your improv some evening…..let us know where and when a good date would be.
    Marci and Gary

  2. now that is pretty freakin cool !!!!

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