128. Place a Bet for a Kid

It is a cruel irony that the population segment that would love gambling the most is the one segment that’s not allowed to do it.

Kids are awesome because they’re so emotional and they get so into things.  They haven’t developed that cold, rational detachment that allows us adults to wander around, numbly unaffected.  As such, it is our duty to give these kids a thrilling emotional ride whilst they’re still young enough to enjoy it.

Next time you go to the track, bring your little niece or nephew with you.  Ask them which horse they like the most and the go up and place a little $2 bet for them.  Watch with delight as they scream and cry, willing their horse to finish first.  Then, when the it does win, bask in that child’s grateful gaze as you hand them their winnings (minus your broker’s fee, of course).

In a kid’s world, $25 buys a lot of slurpees.

One Response to “128. Place a Bet for a Kid”

  1. Also, as we all know gambling is just free money for those of us with the inside scoop and what kid doesn’t want free money?

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