129. Make a Killer Sandwich

Guy 1: “I’m going to make myself a sandwich, you want one?”

Guy 2: “O.K., sure.”

Cut, slice, open, cut, spread, sprinkle, place, cut.

Guy 1: “Here ya go.”


Guy 2: “Mmmmm…Woah!  Dude, what’s in this?”

Guy 1: “Sliced tomatoes, havarti cheese, cucumbers, sprouts, spinach, sundried tomato turkey breast, bacon, avocado, granulated garlic dijon mustard, lightly toasted multigrain bread.  Just a few things I had in the fridge”

Guy 2: “This is amazing!”

Guy 1: “It’s what I do.”

What’s better than making your friend an awesome drink?  Making them a killer sandwich.

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