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140. Be the “Point Man” for the Evening’s Events

Posted in soirees on January 25, 2011 by Allen

This is a high risk/high reward job.  As the Point Man, you are essentially the organizer.  Most likely, the night’s activities were your idea.  If the itinerary you lay out is awesome and everyone has a good time, you’re the hero.  If the events are not fun, well… that goes on your permanent record.

What’s that?  You’re ready to step up and design a soiree of fun for your friends?  OK, here’s the difficult part:  You’ll be spending half the night fielding texts and firing off messages of logistics to everyone.  You need to be firm and decisive!  You make a meeting time and you stick to it!  You have the addresses of all the places you’ll be going to and the times you expect to be there!  People will forget where they’re going, they’ll come late, they’ll want to know if they’re on the guest list.  Make sure your phone is charged.  If it dies, the evening is lost.

Your friends are awesome, but when you’re the Point Man, they’re like a bunch of preschool children.  Tell them what to do and where to go and they’ll love you for it.

139. Develop a Good “Photo Face”

Posted in style on January 19, 2011 by Allen

This does not mean “be good looking” or “have a nice smile”.  You’re going to get your photo taken hundreds of times this year.  You can’t be all smiley and happy in every shot, it reads as forced.  Likewise, you can’t always throw out a coquettish, sexy look all the time, it’s just not appropriate for a family Christmas card.

What you’re going to need to develop is a repeatable, non-committal facial expression that says “I’m having fun and I’m happy to be here”.  Generally, this expression  falls into the category of funny or surprised without being overly ridiculous.  It’s great for  when you want to stand out in a group.

The fact is, when somebody yells out, “Say cheeze!” it’s much easier to hold your “photo face” than it is to hold a phony smile.

Vincent Van Gogh painted many self portraits in a variety of different styles throughout his career.  As you experiment with your “photo face”, exploring it’s various subtleties and nuances with every pic, think of yourself as the Vincent Van Gogh of the Nikon Age.

It’s Cool to be Lucky

Posted in sweet videos on January 11, 2011 by Allen

138. Carry a Flask

Posted in style on January 2, 2011 by Allen

Straight out of the Golden Age of Drinking, nothing evokes images of prohibition, speakeasies and flapper girls quite like breaking out that little metal container full of hooch.

Perfect for dinner parties, movie theaters or just wandering around the mall.  It’s hobo chic.  It adds an element of class and dignity to your brazen public drinking.

Perhaps the greatest delight of the flask comes from passing it to someone else.  See the excitement and anticipation in their eyes as they bring it to their lips.  It is the thrill of mystery booze that does it.  Until it’s actually in their mouth, there is no way for them to truly know what they’re about to drink.

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