141. Make Up a Backstory for your Neighbours

This is not so much a “cool” thing to do as it is a “fun” thing to do.  Cool people do fun things, however, so it counts.

Currently I have a neighbour living downstairs who is a hit-man for the mob, the guy at my local coffee shop is a world famous house DJ and the woman across the street is a member of the Swazi Royal Family now living in exile.

Sadly, I recently discovered that the mob hit-man is actually a Youth and Family Worker at a local elementary school.  This brings up an important rule: under NO circumstances should you allow yourself to find out what these people really do.  Once the illusion is shattered, you can never get it back.

2 Responses to “141. Make Up a Backstory for your Neighbours”

  1. My grandma’s neighbour is a Witch and my next door neighbour is an exiled freedom fighter from Israel with a meth lab under his back lawn.

  2. I’m sorry your having one of those days – I get that way to, too many pelope, too many voices. I’m glad you got to hear Egg and Dad having fun and relax a little. Alone time for mummy is VERY important!Diva and I bark and growl at the deer when they are eatting all the apples out of our trees. Doesn’t help, but it sure is fun :0)I’ve tagged you over at 4-frogs for a little meme fun. Stop by and see if you would like to play :0)

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