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148. Prank your Friend

Posted in sports, stuff with tags , on May 23, 2011 by Allen

Here’s a story:

My buddy, Simon, posted an ad in the free section on craigslist that went, “Giving away my entire Playboy Magazine collection, (every issue, 1978-present).  Getting married and my fiance’s not cool with me having them.  She says it’s kind of a dealbreaker.  Gonna be with my girl tonight so please text me, no phone calls”  At the end of the ad he put his friend’s name and phone number.

He then went and played poker with that same friend and giggled the night away as his buddy received 25 texts within an hour with messages like, “That sucks, man, getting married’s tough.  I’ll take your porn”.

Among other things, a good prank can be a classy way to throw someone off their poker game.

147. Discover a Way to Effectively Clap with One Hand

Posted in skills on May 11, 2011 by Allen

Question:  How many times have you been at an awards ceremony / graduation / sports event / birthday party / concert when something awesome happens whilst you have a drink in your hands?

Answer:  Every single time!!!

An effective one-handed clap is a skill that exists at the very frontier of cool science. Many have attempted but very few people have mastered it, and it is fraught with danger.  It is a delicate balance of form and function.  You need to be able to create enough sound with only one hand while at the same time not look like you’re having a seizure.

And it’s different for everyone.  Some people can generate enough noise by simply slapping their thigh.  Others have found “good echo” from the crevasse on the side of their buttock, while still others shuck slapping altogether and resort to the two-finger-whistle (this is cheating and super annoying for those around you).

Whichever way is most effective to you…. find it!!!  The one-hand clap is a voodoo art and if you can discover it’s secrets, you’re a step closer to cool.

146. Travel Calmly

Posted in skills on May 5, 2011 by Allen

If you go traveling, this will happen to you:  You will miss your bus, lose your passport, be late for your plane, get ripped off at a night market, eat something dodgy and throw up at least once.

You may also:  Get lost in the jungle, be pick-pocketed, get bitten by a monkey, or nearly die in a para-sailing accident because over there the safety cable is “optional”.

If this bothers you , your trip will just be a hassle.  If you travel calmly, however, these events will become your best stories and they will fill you full of anecdotes and tales to recount for years to come.

P.S.: On my last trip  I was tricked into eating dog, had to leap off a dock onto a departing ferry boat, and lost my shoes and had to go barefoot in Cambodia for a day and a half.  These three stories are on pretty high rotation right now.

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