146. Travel Calmly

If you go traveling, this will happen to you:  You will miss your bus, lose your passport, be late for your plane, get ripped off at a night market, eat something dodgy and throw up at least once.

You may also:  Get lost in the jungle, be pick-pocketed, get bitten by a monkey, or nearly die in a para-sailing accident because over there the safety cable is “optional”.

If this bothers you , your trip will just be a hassle.  If you travel calmly, however, these events will become your best stories and they will fill you full of anecdotes and tales to recount for years to come.

P.S.: On my last trip  I was tricked into eating dog, had to leap off a dock onto a departing ferry boat, and lost my shoes and had to go barefoot in Cambodia for a day and a half.  These three stories are on pretty high rotation right now.

2 Responses to “146. Travel Calmly”

  1. pete’s resemblance of joaqiun phoenix a la i’m still here is pretty cool

    • Alex is wearing a purple “Canucks” hat. That ups the cool factor by at least 50%.

      PS: for those who don’t know: the Canucks are about to win the Stanley Cup. Everybody else in the NHL can suck it!!!

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