152. Smell Faintly of Suntan Lotion

If I walk past you and I catch a whiff of suntan lotion, I will automatically assume the following:

You had the day off.  You’ve spent most of it outside.  You were probably at the beach.  You were surrounded all day by beautiful people frolicking in their bathing suits while gazing out towards a picturesque ocean horizon.  At some point, a bikini model (or fireman, depending on your preference) probably came up to you and asked if you’d join their volleyball team for the tournament that afternoon, they needed a fifth.  Inspired by their new player, your volleyball team thundered all the way to the final against the evil Lifeguards.  Everyone at the beach came over to watch and cheer as you gloriously dug, set and spiked your way to victory!!!  Giddy on the high of triumph, the bikini model/fireman asked if “Maybe you want to hang out some time?”.  You calmly said, “I’ll see what I can do.”

Suntan lotion: It’s the scent that tells the story.

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