153. Nap Outside

This is what hobos, backpackers and poolside celebrities have in common.

Napping outside is awesome because: The air you breath is fuller, the smells you take in are lusher, and the sounds that swirl around your ears are crazier and more varied than anything you can find inside.  All this leads to crazier dreams, ergo, a more satisfying sleeping experience.

Napping outside is cool because: By allowing yourself to loose consciousness outside, you are effectively declaring to strangers passing by that, “Hey, I know you’re NOT going to rob me,” you are stating to your friends that, “Hey, I’m certain that you guys AREN’T going to draw anything weird on my face or put shaving cream in my hand,” and you are affirming to the sun that, “Hey, I know damn well that you WON’T change positions and burn me while I sleep!”  It is the ultimate expression confidence and trust, and that’s pretty cool.

2 Responses to “153. Nap Outside”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sometimes when you combine to Cool things it creates a third Cool child …ie….. I travelled to another place.(Greece) took a party time out and napped/passed out in a park… Woke up and had a Feral dog (street husky) sleeping next to me guarding me… Next in the list of cool??!? Have wild animals become your protector ??

  2. When you nap outside you become one with mother nature.
    Pretty damn cool indeed.

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