headshot with tieStanding at 6’4” and weighing in at a lean 210lbs, Allen Morrison spends his days roaming the streets of his beloved Vancouver hometown searching for the elements of cool. He can be seen in person performing improv on Granville Island with Vancouver Theatresports. He made his screen-writing debut at the 2007 Vancouver International Film Festival with the short film Kodiak, which has gone onto Cannes as well as other festivals in England, Australia, Germany and Hawaii to name a few.  You can hear him regularly on your ipod as one of the co-hosts of the Justice Pals Podcast (available on itunes).  He is a member of the sketch comedy troupe “Grimaldi’s Asylum”, was born in June and likes the colour blue.  He can be reached at

9 Responses to “AUTHOR”

  1. Awright sumo boy?

    I am aomewhat short film aficionado…so would love to see the film. But obvs more than that want to take part in autistic sumo wrestling in proper stunt suits….hook me up!!!

    Let us know when you next performing and that, Emma

    • You can see the film by clicking on the Kodiak link up top and you can find out when I’m performing by checking out the Vancouver TheatreSports link and then going to “This Week’s Cast”. From what little I know of you meeting you last night, I think you guys would love it.

      As far as the Sumo is concerned, the date for the Kumite has not yet been selected so I’ll have to keep you posted.

  2. its awesome your blog!!!

  3. gary lambert Says:

    hey allen good job on the short, my favorite line was”they can really huck disc”

  4. You know I never realised that I had posted ramblings on your website wall, rather indeed thought (at 3am) it was just an email!! Hmmm, more of “how to be a tool?!’, I’d make a killing. I am completely with you on darts and stocked bars posts…and they go well together too.

    Great short film btw!

  5. That’s a cool blog! How to be cool? Write a blog about “How to be cool”.

    Cheers, Sascha

  6. the blog is amazing. its funny, well done and so real !! but i think, there is something misses…know to do a rubik’s cube !! it’s definitely cool !!! Throughout my reading i was expected you’ve thought about it… could you post it ??
    thanks and above all, carry on your work !!!

  7. This site is amazing. I agree with everything you wrote 100%! All of these things will make you cool. But I have a suggestion for a new one- learn to play the ukulele. Nothing is cooler than whippin’ out that miniature instrument and playing a few recognizable tunes. Who doesn’t love an islander (even a faux-islander!)?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Just stumbled across his site while trying to find some driving gloves, watched your short film, after working in film and tv for 15 years I hope you enjoy my comments, as it rocks, really reall great, I’ve made many Sorts and I know the commitment needed. Well bloody done, Do it again. By the way, on the cool front of film making and driving gloves, Have you seen drive?
    Chris Rusby (Grip) England London

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