It’s what we all want, but how do we do it.  You don’t need to live in Paris, be gay or have a criminal record in order to be cool.  This blog is about things you can do in your own hometown.  I’m no doctor, but I imagine that the more you do, the cooler you’ll be.

6 Responses to “ABOUT THIS BLOG”

  1. They’re getting into the art of cool also on this side of the pond:
    Unfortunately the event had all sold out by the time I checked it out.

  2. the blog is amazing. its so funny and so real !! but i think, there is something misses…know to do a rubik’s cube !! it’s definitely cool !!! could you post it ??
    thanks and above all, carry on your work !!!

  3. I feel i should be asking you if you could work an O/N at BH but I will restrain myself. This is killer stuff, love the pick of your bro on the beach. Nicely done my man.


  4. I still think this would make a great book. That could be # 143: Write at least one book.

  5. All the way from South Africa, super cool blog! Me and my pack of 4 friends (excluding my girlfriend) is doing challenge number 50 starting today (friday). Is ja!

    • Che fece . il gran rifiutoΑναγνωρισμέναΣε μερικούς ανθρώπους έρχεται μια μέραπου πρέπει το μεγάλο Ναι ή το μεγάλο το Όχινα πούνε. Φανερώνεται αμέσως όποιος τόχειέτοιμο μέσα του το Ναι, και λέγοντάς το πέραπηγαίνει στην τιμή και στην πεποίθησί του.Ο αρνηθείς δεν μετανοιώνει. Aν ρωτιούνταν πάλι,όχι θα ξαναέλεγε. Κι όμως τον καταβάλλειεκείνο τ’ όχι — το σωστό — εις όλην την ζωή του.

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