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110. Dunk

Posted in sports, sweet videos on May 25, 2010 by Allen

There is no cooler feat in all of sports then the slam dunk!  In any given NBA arena, 95% of the crowd is almost exclusively there to see someone get posterized.  A well timed dunk can change the course of a game and make everyone forget that a player’s gone 1 for 13 from the field on the night.

When any two  high-school teams square off, the only thing running through each players mind is how many dunkers the opposing team has.  My team had 2; myself and another guy (although I could only do it in warmup.  By the time the game started, my legs were too tired.  Warmup, however, is the most important “intimidation time” because it’s when the other team is watching).

Remember as a kid when you played on your first lowered 7′ hoop?  The moment you took off, feeling for an instant that you could fly, hanging in the air longer then humanly possibly and then throwing down so hard that you couldn’t help but let out a primal scream!  The artistry of Picasso combined with the ferocity of an injured grizzly bear.

P.S.  For your enjoyment, here are a couple or sweet jams:

This next one is, quite possibly, the greatest “in-game” of all time, complete with French commentary:

This last one just rules:

Talking about History is Cool

Posted in sweet videos on May 16, 2010 by Allen

Talking about history when you’re wrecked on wine, however, is hilarious….for us.

Shout out to my buddy Craig for putting me on to this one.  Written and produced by Derek Waters.  You can see a bunch of other one’s on the Funny or Die website.

Honesty in Advertising is Cool

Posted in sweet videos on May 4, 2010 by Allen

What’s up with the chainsaw sequence?

More Cool “Trompe d’Oeils”

Posted in sweet videos on April 25, 2010 by Allen

Just a couple of cool optical illusion videos that have been circulating the internet.

Remember those Magic Eye pictures they used to have in the mall?  Whatever happened to those?  Did they fade out because they were too much work and gave you headaches for the rest of the day?

104. Have an Awesome Business Card

Posted in stuff, sweet videos on April 21, 2010 by Allen

This is a card for a Separation Lawyer

No matter what you do, your business card needs to be rad.  Maybe it’s an odd shape or color.  Maybe there’s some kind of joke written on the back.  Whatever.  Your card is an extension of who you are and therefore it’s coolness should reflect your coolness.

The next business card I get, I’m going to design in the style of a baseball card.  It’ll be the size of a baseball card (obviously), and I’ll have my resume mapped out like baseball stats on the back.  On the front I’ll have my name, position, and photo (in uniform) swinging a bat or something.  I’ll be wearing tight pants and stirrup socks, circa 1988.

If you live in Vancouver, Canada, don’t steal this idea.  If you live anywhere else, it’s yours.

What do you do guaranteed?

Cool Jumps you can make on a Big Wheel (you probably shouldn’t try it though)

Posted in sweet videos on April 14, 2010 by Allen

You know this guy’s a professional because he’s wearing a suit.

Sent to me by my man Millar at London Mewsings.  He’s got a pretty cool short film inspired by old 8 bit videogames up right now on his site.  It’s kinda awesome, you should check it out.

A Cartoon about a Pitcher who throws a No-hitter while on LSD

Posted in sweet videos on March 17, 2010 by Allen

Apparently this is the true story of Dock Ellis who, on June 12, 1970, threw a no-hitter for the Pittsburgh Pirates against the San Diego Padres.  For those of you who don’t know much about baseball, throwing a no-hitter is one of the best things a pitcher can do.

Now, I’m certainly not saying that doing acid at work is cool, but, making a cartoon about someone who does and then getting that very same someone to narrate it kind of is.

Film written and directed by James Blagden.

93. Do a Hood Slide

Posted in skills, sweet videos on March 7, 2010 by Allen

The perfect hood slide is best done with no warning. You want to just launch into it and have your friends gasp in awe at what they just saw. With the two and a half seconds you’ll  save from not having to walk around the car you can stand back to bask in the glory of their admiration for your Dukes of Hazzard Hop.

Two important things to determine beforehand……#1 Is the car  strong enough that you won’t leave a huge dent?  The last thing you want is a pond forming on your hood every time it rains and…….#2 Is there a hood ornament?  Stitches are cool, but not down there.

Do this:

Or, for bonus points, do this:

But don’t do this:

Cool Rap about Canadian Olympic Hockey Domination

Posted in sweet videos on February 17, 2010 by Allen

Found this on the London Mewsings blog.  If, after watching this, you feel like seeing a bit more flag waving, there’s another sweet rap on that site about what it is to be Canadian.  Check it out.

Cool Tools and Poetry by Edgar Allen Tiberius Kirk

Posted in sweet videos on February 3, 2010 by Allen

My buddy Millar put me onto this first one.  I don’t know if it’s an ad or not but it definitely makes me want to buy a tape measure.

Whenever I think of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven, I always think of that Simpson’s Halloween Special.  Not anymore.  Now I’ll only think of Shatner.  This guy is, and always will be, some kind of magical powerhouse.  He’s a sledgehammer wrapped inside a sunset.

Hold your Breath

Posted in sweet videos on January 21, 2010 by Allen

This dude is cool.

What!!?? The Youtube title says it all. How can you not watch this?

Posted in sweet videos on January 8, 2010 by Allen

Listen to the reactions of the people recording the video.  That’s the best part.

A Cool Cautionary Tale about Christmas

Posted in sweet videos on December 15, 2009 by Allen

My brother made us watch this before going out to get our Christmas tree.

Warning:  This film gets pretty graphic.

Directed by Jason Eisner, Produced by Rob Cotteril

A Cool “Trompe d’Oeil”

Posted in sweet videos on November 26, 2009 by Allen

Cool Freestyle Battle

Posted in skills, sweet videos on November 19, 2009 by Allen

Note:  it’s all in good fun, but if the occasional racial barb gets you down, you probably want to skip this one.

A Cool Celebration of 2 Important Days

Posted in soirees, sweet videos on October 28, 2009 by Allen

Courtesy of 30 Rock

49. Learn some Yo-Yo Tricks

Posted in skills, sweet videos on September 8, 2009 by Allen

kjyy10The perfect accessory for loitering.

You’re leaning against the lamp post, zipping it down and up, down and up, down and up, down and AROUND THE WORLD, WALK THE DOG, CATS CRADLE,  GUILLOTINE, TRAPEZE, RIPCORD, TETHERED  TODDLER, BUCKET O’ CLAY and up, down and up, down and up.  Your not even trying to be cool but the yo-yo just can’t help itself.

One part Filipino weapon, one part West Side Story prop, the yo-yo is the very essence of “just hanging out”.

Eventually you can get this good….

These are the two funniest videos I’ve seen this week

Posted in stuff, sweet videos on July 25, 2009 by Allen

George Brett, for those who don’t know, was one of the greatest baseball players of the 80’s.


Why won’t this woman’s friends help her?

11. Show people this video. Tell them it’s you

Posted in stuff, sweet videos on May 21, 2009 by Allen

This is cool, straightup cool.

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